Making Extra Money to Pay off Debt: How We Made Extra Money to Pay off $63,000 of Debt in 20 Months

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When Aaron and I were in the throes of trying to pay down our debt, we were looking for any opportunity to make extra money that we could. We started an aggressive plan to pay down our loans and with each extra loan payment we made, we became increasingly motivated so we looked for ways to start making extra money.

So with momentum building, we were on the hunt to supplement our income. As a teacher, I had a couple of months off in the summer but not a lot of time during the school year, as I often worked “overtime” without getting paid. So I began to think about what I could do with the time I had in the summer months.

There were options at my school to teach summer school, and I knew I could do that but there was limited hours and pay. As a special ed teacher, my job during the school year was also emotionally exhausting and so I was also looking for a change. Something completely different and also light-hearted and fun.

Throughout the couple of years that we were diligently paying off our loans, we both found a few different ways to bring in extra income. Each thing we were able to do, helped us out immensely. Making extra money can help you as you pay off debt, it helped tremendously for us. 

Our Side Hustles

Overtime Work 

Aaron was an hourly employee at a company that had a lot of opportunities to work overtime and make extra money even when he was making a very modest income when he started at this company.


As a teacher, I didn’t have many opportunities to make extra money during the school year. I was able to use my position to offer private tutoring. Tutoring allowed me to make $30 an hour for a tutoring session. Likewise, I was also able to work with parents to make my own schedule and work right at the school I taught at. It was a perfect way to supplement my income.

Golf Course 

As I was talking about a summer job, a friend recommended working on a Golf Course as a Beverage Cart Girl. That felt perfect to me. I was able to work outside, make tips, and work a seasonable job. And it was! I worked at a Golf Course for two full summers and was able to make an extra $1000-$2000 a month, while working part-time with a very flexible schedule.

Personal Care Worker

 One summer, I was able to work as a personal care worker for a family with children with disabilities. Families often have extra hours available to give in the summer because kids are out of school.

Day Care/Nanny/Babysitting 

This is something that I took up after I left my job to be a stay at home mom. I had a friend with a baby looking for childcare. If you are looking to make some extra money on the side, whether you are a stay at home mom or someone with a full-time job, this is a great way to make some extra money and there are countless opportunities available. Check out to find families in your area looking for nannies or baby sitters. 

Benefit in Lieu of Health Insurance

 When we were a dual income family, we were both on my husband’s health insurance. Since I declined health insurance through my job, I was offered a benefit in Lieu of Health Insurance in the form of $3500 a year. If you or your spouse are declining health insurance through your employer, I recommend looking into this. This could be an option that is not advertised.


Making extra money to pay off debt can be simple if you look for the correct avenues to do so. What are some ways that you make extra money?